It’s safe and easy for you to speak to a qualified health professional. Just send a message, you don’t have to give your name.

Discreet and quick. It only takes one message to start making a difference. You’ll get confidential advice from trained health staff in your area.

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Need to talk?  Whatever’s on your mind, we can help.  Even if you just need someone who understands or want advice for a friend.

The teams we work with help lots of people like teenagers in schools, parents of young children and mums with new born babies.

Health professionals

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Set-up a messaging service and support more people, more easily with the resources you already have.

You’ll start conversations earlier, stop problems escalating and make connections where it’s hard to reach.

I thought it would be awkward or embarrassing but it's actually not. Thanks for helping. ANONYMOUS USER
Happy with the quick and professional response and that my worries are being addressed and taken seriously. YOUNG PERSON, YEAR 10
I was struggling so much today but having someone at the end of a text that's willing to help is great. FIRST TIME PARENT
Anonymous user
Year 10 user
New mum texter
I love being part of this service!
It’s a valuable addition. STAFF FEEDBACK
It’s a great tool to provide a service to our client group in an accessible way. STAFF FEEDBACK
We are excited to have this opportunity to engage with the young people in our area. STAFF FEEDBACK
Parents are enjoying having this as an additional way to access advice. STAFF FEEDBACK
We’ve had contacts from young people that would not have contacted us before. STAFF FEEDBACK
Young people can ‘park’ a question, even out-of-hours, knowing it will be responded to appropriately. STAFF FEEDBACK
Staff users together
Staff user on desktop computer
Staff user on laptop
Staff users together
Staff user on desktop computer
Staff user on laptop


and anonymous

It can be easier to say something difficult in a discrete message. Your conversation will be confidential, if a health professional is very concerned you’re in danger, they may involve other services to help keep you safe.


safe and secure

We work with teams across the UK so you will get help from health professionals near you. Staff share secure electronic records of conversations so you never have to repeat yourself and all teams follow strict confidentiality rules.


helping everyone

Health professionals say setting-up a messaging service is a safe and manageable way for small teams to speak directly with lots of people. Messaging helps provide support at a time that suits everyone.

Need to talk?

how it works

We’ll confirm receipt of your message immediately then you’ll speak to a health professional who will listen, ask questions and support you.  You only have to share what you feel comfortable with and you can ask questions too.

Most teams reply during normal office hours.  If you message out-of-hours they’ll reply when they’re next in.  You should always hear back from someone within 24 working hours at most.

If you need help in the meantime contact your doctor, visit a NHS walk-in centre or call NHS 111.  If it is an emergency, dial 999 or visit A&E.

Your network provider will charge your usual rate for messages you send.

Start a chat

Health teams

set-up a service

We’ve been helping clinical teams set-up healthcare messaging services since 2012.  As an NHS team we understand how to support you all the way.  We will help you take the quickest route to setting-up a safe, secure and successful service so you can stay focused on providing high quality care.

“You have a great enthusiastic team of professional, experienced, supportive people”

Zoe Warren, Professional Lead, School Nursing, Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust